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At Brick technology the launch of any website wheter it be for Bridal Lace or Construction Products, it is always an exciting time for both us and our clients. However this isn’t the end but merely the beginning, although the website is an end product after many hours of hard work, tweaking and technological development the site needs to be maintained.

This is the problem with many websites, they have been fantastically designed but when you click on latest news, expecting there to be the latest news and you’re confronted by news dating back well over three months then you cannot help but be a little disappointed.

As always you will be faced with minor tweaks and problems which will only become apparent after launch however, keeping your latest news up to date is perhaps the simplest thing that you can do.

Setting aside say 1 hour per week to write a few news stories is advised, obviously as you get better at writing these then it will take less time. Ensuring that when content is written it includes your keywords and the page is optimised means that you will naturally rise up the search engine results without paying companies to get you there unethically.

News can be an easy way for you to interact with your visitors, having up to date content shows them that you’re still alive and kicking! When search engines are searching they index pages of your site, see when it was last updated and if it is only updated every month then in order to be energy efficient that is when they will set themselves to come back – once a month.

Is once a month going to be enough for you? That is the question that you really can only answer yourself. The more pages of your website that search engines index the better chance you have of appearing in results and ultimately reaching that number one positioning.

When clients push news aside because it “isn’t important” they don’t seem to realise exactly how important it is. Brick technology can help you easily maintain your website through our Internet Marketing package.

Offering twenty four hour support, seven days a week there is always a member of our technical team on hand. Training sessions, live chat facilities direct to our support team, support ticketing system and our fantastic team here at Brick are just a few things that you can look forward too.

If you are thinking about setting up a website and a Brick technology web design has caught your eye then why not call us today on 01254 277190 or email us info for a free no obligation consultation.

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