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News articles grab attention and draw the reader in. They are particularly valuable in the world of e-commerce, as they provide at perfect platform to link the product or service being sold with current events. Over the next few weeks, Brickweb are going to be featuring some of the news stories we provide to our clients' websites to help keep you up-to-date on the quality and diversity of the articles we provide. Our first feature is from www.­falconproducts.­co.­uk who for years have been providing high-end culinary equipment to everyone from first-time bakers to celebrity chefs.

A Tasty Title - John Whaite wins The Great British Bake Off

The third series of the much-loved television show The Great British Bake Off has just drawn to a close. An estimated 6.5 million people tuned in to see John Whaite, 23 from Manchester, crowned the winner of the contest that had featured 11 other contestants vying for the top spot. Over the course of the show, contestants had focused on every aspect of bread and cake baking, producing some truly tasty delights such as bagels, treacle tarts, gingerbread, fondant fancies and more. Some of the challenges became highly technical with one requiring a free standing structure to be built from ginger biscuits while another was to create a cake which, when sliced, would reveal a hidden design.

Participants were not the only ones to get their hands into the mixing bowl for the show. Judge and celebrity chef Paul Hollywood also got in on the action with his melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate Marshmallow Teacakes. A firm family favourite given a modern and tasty twist, the recipe adds vanilla pods and uses wholemeal flour for the biscuit base. The addition of marshmallows gives the teacakes a light fluffiness unmatched in other varieties of cake.

Paul Hollywood has been involved with the baking industry from an early age. After quitting a scuplture course at Wallasey School of Art, he went to work in his father's established bakery and from then onto others in Merseryside. From these humble beginnings he rose to become head chef at a number of well-known hotels such as The Cliveden and The Dorchester and now runs a successful artisan bakery supplying high-end stores including Harrod's, in addition to appearing on a number of television shows. He has been a judge on The Great British Bake Off since the show launched in 2010.

In his creation of his Chocolate Marshmallow Teacakes, Paul uses Falcon Products' half -sphere silicone moulds. The high-quality and innovative design of these moulds means the delicate teacakes are easily removed once baked and the silicone fabrication means they are durable, safe and reusable. They are available in packs of six and come with the same peace-of-mind guarantee that Falcon customers have come to expect from our range of exclusive baking products. If you require any further advice or support on any culinary aspect, please contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist. Look out for the book to accompany The Great British Bake Off and, if you can't wait until then to get baking your own teacakes, check out the recipe online at: http://­www.­bbc.­co.­uk/­food/­recipes/­chocolate_­marshmallow_­60410


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