How your Website Reflects on your Business

How your Website Reflects on your Business

Although an eCommerce website and a physical store are both very different, they are also very similar in many ways. They both exist to sell a product or service and both are representative of a business as a whole. Anyone with a physical store wants it to look appealing and offer good service: why should an online store be any different?

In this edition of the Brickweb blog, we are going to draw some comparisons between online and physical stores to show you just how important it is to make sure your website gives customers the best experience. 

Shop Window

The front page of your website is comparable to a physical shop window or storefront. This is what the customer sees first and what gives them that vital first impression. It should be attractive and appealing, giving the visitor a taste of the good things to come. What would YOUR impression be of a shop window that was cluttered and messy?


When shopping, at a supermarket, for instance, the goods are laid out in a logical manner that makes the user journey easier: all of the cheeses are together, you'll find the cloths near the washing-up liquid. Imagine what it would be like if the pet food was next to the baked beans or there were different types of bread scattered across the store? The same is true for online stores, which should be organised logically and efficiently.

Loading Time

Nobody likes waiting around in a physical store; customers want to get their products, pay for them and leave in as short a time as possible. Long loading times between pages are the equivalent of extended time waiting in queues at a physical store. If the queue is too long, the customer has a bad experience and may even leave without purchasing. 

Best Before

A physical store that was not fresh and up-to-date would give you a bad impression. So would a store with out-of-date products on the shelves. It's the same with eCommerce websites; you need to make sure that your website is updated with fresh content all the time.


A store that was careless with payment details and other data would soon go out of business as customers didn't feel secure enough to shop there. Customers of eCommerce websites need to feel that they can trust an online business with such sensitive details. 

Customer Service

If you have a problem in a physical store, you're able to quickly find someone to deal with it. If, as the operator of an online store, you are difficult for customers to contact, then you may soon find that you no longer have any customers at all.

These are just some of the many reasons that you need to treat an online business in much the same way as you would a physical store, delivering exceptional service across the board. That's where Brickweb comes in.

Our expert team of dedicated web development specialists can help you create and maintain an eCommerce website that stands head-and-shoulders above your competition in the competitive online marketplace. Please browse our website for more details about our world-class suite of services and solutions before getting in touch with us to start your journey to success.

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