How To Get More Backlinks

With the recent Panda updates, Google’s Algorithm are making your link building techniques lesser value. But, Guest Post Blogging is one link building technique that is still loved by Google.

Google loves the creation of original content which provides high value to its readers and people using their search engines. Leading visitors to pages with the most relevant content is exactly what a search engine wants to do.

What is Guest Post Blogging and how do you get high quality backlinks?

For those unfamiliar with this technique of link building, guest post blogging is a method where you write a high quality article based upon the topic for which you want to create a backlink. Your article must be very high quality and should contain a backlink for the keyword or keyphrase of your choosing.

The article is then posted on a third party blog website that is in your same target and one that accepts guest posts.

The blog gets the benefit of having unique high quality and fresh content added to it and you as the author get the benefit of a rich contextual backlink from a blog that is "related" to you – this is probably the highest quality backlink you can get (providing the blog page ranks well).

Note: In some instances you may not be able to insert a keyword based backlink, as per the terms of the guest blog, but you will still be able to include a raw url link of your domain - but which still has high value.

Guest post blogging is a very natural and attractive link building tactic because.

  It is natural and you earn link/s with editorial related content
  It is completely ethical and white hat with great link juice value
  You can get brilliant social media benefits by placing yourself in front of a large audience on a popular blog
  You can encourage a large flow of new visitors and prospects that come to your site through your guests blog post.
  It’s a win-win-win situation, you get the traffic, exposure and juice. The blog gets free content that increases their  interaction and strengthens their on-page authority. The community get to read some new content related to their topic.

If you do decide to try this backlink building method yourself, here’s what you will need to do -

  Find the correct blogs in the same arena and contact the blog owner
  Write about the topic
  Write the content, making sure you format it correctly
  Submit it for approval

Why does Guest Post Blogging have so much power?

Because, your backlink is highly contextual in nature (that is - it relates closely to the content in the post) and because the article post content itself is surrounded by a cluster of related content in the same site – this backlink will be treated with a lot of value, trust and authority by Google.

All backlinks that come from Guest Post Blogging are by their very nature - genuine, targeted and highly valuable.

These contextual backlinks from Guest Posts drive up authoritative inbound link juice, help boost search engine visibility, and also drive direct traffic to your website while improving brand visibility, and generating sales and leads.

Although this technique is amongst the toughest, most time consuming and most costly method to build quality backlinks - if you aggressively pursue Guest Blogging into your long term SEO game plan, you will see some amazing ranking results that stick solidly for the long term.

If you play by the rules set by Google and build quality links while creating good content for users - then you can never lose in this game. This method is as “white hat” as you can get and is 100% safe.


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