How important are Image descriptions?

Did you know that in regards to Internet Marketing activities concerning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) the actual optimisation of images is becoming more and more important? The Alt Image Attribute is a critical item which more often than not is overlooked. Yet it is such a great way to improve your rankings – how?

Search Engines when you think about it do not have eyes; they cannot see the images and so it is important that they can read the descriptions when collecting their data. Alt Image attribute should be the text equivalent of what the image would show; it must serve the same purpose.

Alt Image Attribute can sometimes be abused though when inexperienced SEO consultants try to stuff image descriptions full of keywords and phrases.

Stuffing image descriptions full of keywords enhances the keyword density and can trigger spam filters within the search engines. This can result in a penalty which can seriously affect the site ranking. If the image for some reason becomes unavailable then the text is there to describe.

When thinking about Alt Image Attributes then you should think if you were to replace the image with text what would it say to clearly explain what the pictures showed?

Images which are optimised will appear in “Google Images” and other similar search engines image locations and this is great for SEO.Check your image names and descriptions today!

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