How hot will online video be in 2009?

According to a recent survey from Permis­sionTV.­com about 67% of marketing respondents report they will focus on online video through 2009 rather than social marketing (41%), search (34%) or pod/webcasts (32%). Also, about half report they will begin some kind of online video project.

What are marketers most interested in? Just over 60% report an interest in having their own branded content/­video destination, more interactive experiences for consumers (38%) and simply syndication (22%).

"As corporate and brand marketers look to evaluate and improve the effec­tiveness of digital marketing initiatives, online video will play an increasingly critical role in all interactive campaigns," said Matt Kaplan, VP of Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer of Permis­sionTV. "These survey results demonstrate the strategic importance of online video in the overall marketing mix, as well a growing requirement for more sophis­ticated video experiences."

According to a recent comScore report US consumers viewed more than 12 billion online videos in December 2008; that is an increase of more than 30% year over year.

by Kristina Knight

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