How Far Would You Go To Launch Your Business?

There is no doubt that when setting up a business you want it to be a success otherwise you wouldn’t have set it up in the first place! However, what it is important to bear in mind is that when you do set up in business like us here at Brick technology web design, Lancashire it isn’t always that glamorous at first!

Many new business owners have to commit to whatever it takes in order to get things moving. Now a highly successful Entrepreneur a woman opened a shop which sold unusual boutique handbags however as it was just starting she was situated a little bit out the way and she barely survived the first year in business.

She went to a family member for a loan however, they were unable to help and so she took on a gruelling schedule of having another job. During the day she worked in the store and at night she worked in a bar until she saved enough money to quit.

Many business owners are ashamed to bring up that they are working say two jobs to make ends meet however, it shows real passion and determination to make the business a success and that is something never to be ashamed of.

What are you willing to do for your business to get it through the tough times?

Brick technology are not ashamed to admit that we have a fantastic team here who are determined to make a success of your businesses no matter what it takes. We will come to you with fantastic ideas on ways in which you can be successful.

We already have over three hundred clients which make up our client base and just through our e-commerce websites we are responsible for the turnover of around one hundred million pounds per year!

We are not just your average web design company but instead we have passion and drive and offer to you a full digital marketing agency right at your fingertips. Where the majority of companies would hand you your website never to be seen again we don’t! We want to grow with you through web development and also to help you with online marketing and advertising through our internet marketing services.

In addition to this we have our design studio which offers our customers a whole range of media production services. We are perhaps the only web design company in Lancashire who has a dedicated Web Editor on the team full time working on content and updates for our clients. Already many of our clients are realising the importance of having all things going in the same direction and towards the same goal.

When you come to Brick technology and become a customer you will leave our doors as a team member because that’s what you are to us. The only limitation we have is with you; how far are you willing to go to launch your business?

We can make you and your business shine, with professional web design, web development and other services in internet marketing and media production as well as having a wealth of business experience which we are happy to pass on.

For more information and to book a consultation direct with our managing director then please contact us on 01254 277190 or email

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