How do Businesses use Social Networking?

Social networking and social media is fast becoming the number one thing which everyone is talking about that is if they aren’t talking through say their Facebook or Twitter! But how can social networking and social media help businesses?

We are always advising customers about the advantages of establishing your businesses online through a professional web design but now we are highlighting the importance of social networks. When integrated into your web design they can be extremely useful indeed.

Social networking for business will run in line with your internet marketing activities. Right now customers want to be involved, they want to know who they are dealing with and they want to get personal. Social networks are a great way for businesses to really connect with their customers but if you carry this out effectively; you cannot just set the social profile up and then leave it dormant. The lights cannot just be on but no one is home that is not how social networking actually works! It thrives off interaction through posting comments, photos and videos.

By providing customers with interesting information which is informative and will benefit them and can leave an imprint of your company in their minds is what social networking for business is really about. You need to get people sharing your content, photos and videos with their friends, family and other contacts in the hope it might just go viral.

Social networking for business is about being social and not just about shoving products down people’s throats. You need to remember it’s a social networking site for interaction and not a sales pitch.

Reply to customer queries, set competitions through Facebook and Twitter, keep it updated and the overall aim is to try and spend ten minutes at the beginning of the day just updating what you and the business have planned. If possible ten minutes in the afternoon and then ten minutes and the end just as an overview ensuring that your company has provided your followers and friends with some information or an insight into your business.

Once you commit to having your business on a social networking site then you need to put in some effort. Wrongly people will say that social media is a place for friends, family and youngsters to catch up and share pictures, drunken weekends and invaluable status – they couldn’t be more wrong!

Social media is a great was of driving traffic to your site and the change has already happened it’s a revolution and many businesses are being left behind. If you want to join the social media revolution then come to Brick technology today and discuss your requirements.

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