Help to raise their roof!

Our Brick technology chosen charity, The East Lancashire Hospice has cared for the sick and dying for over 27 years. The building which they carry out their day to day work has had its fair share of problems but unfortunately the roof to the building is now in disrepair.

There were a number of lead pieces which were in place on the roof however; heartless thieves didn’t think twice when they clambered on to steal these just under 18 months ago. It was this that made the roof situation a whole lot worse, tiles were disturbed and obviously the lead was removed which has now lead to this campaign.

Staff at the Hospice now collect water in buckets which has leaked in from the exposed roof and unfortunately damp patches have started to form, the worrying fact is that this could become a health risk to the staff and patients who regularly use this building.

If this carries on the the Hospice will be closed down for health and safety and the invaluable work that they carry out will no longer take place within this area untill they find somewhere else, which with all the funding cuts would mean a lot more fundraising.

The search is on to raise much needed funds to “Raise the Roof” of the Hospice. They desperately need around £125,000 to make this dream come true but this funding for the roof needs to be separate from funds which need to be allocated towards caring for patients.

Already having to raise around £2.8million pounds every year in order to keep on opening their doors to the public, supporting those who are sick as well as their families the future of the Hospice is not certain but no one can doubt how much it would be missed if funds were not received.

The Hospice has provided a safe place where specialist, supportive and end of life care can be provided in the most dignified ways possible. Although they have dedicated so much time helping others out now them are in need of some help.

How can you donate?

One of the ways in which you can donate is through their website, www.­eastla­nc­shos­pice.­org.­uk/­roof-appeal which was provided by us here at Brick technology. We wanted to do our bit to help them out and this was our way of doing so. Having a professional web design has opened so many doors for them. Sharon Crymble, the Hospice Fundraising Manager was absolutely thrilled with the result.

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