Head on Collision or Just a Careless Whisper?

Facebook Vs Google

Rumour has it that there is soon to be a head on collision as Officials from Facebook have held a very close meeting at their headquarters earlier this month, obviously the discussion of something highly important.  We just want to see what Facebook will unveil. However, rumours have surfaced of a email service which can only mean one thing...

Let the battle begin! With Facebook taking its position, the plan of an email service which, should it actually happen and be more than a rumour, is planned to completely take out the competition which would ultimately be Google, Gmail.

Just like in Hotmail, where Microsoft Office services are intergrated so that users can view documents even if they do not have Mircrosoft office installed to their particular local device or PC, Facebook also plan to have a similar feature.

With Microsoft being a long term investor in Facebook and even going as far as being their advertising partner it would not be stupid to think that Facebook would be able to cut a diamond deal out of the rock, that is Microsoft. However the intergration of Microsoft services is yet another murmer of a rumour, although it was revealed by someone who is described as, "a source close to Mircrosoft".

With 500 million members plus and more joining every single day it is safe to say that Facebook would have a demand for email services. Although there already is the inbox messaging service within Facebook but this new service would provide a far better experience for users. Also with many members of Facebook who spend hours and hours online but don't use email services then the introduction of email to Facebook could get them involved which would be brilliant for Facebook.

They need to control the amount of time spent by people on Facebook, the more time spent means the more opportunities and time for advertisers not to mention the amount of business users and the benefit they could reap from it. Currently should users wish to acess their email they have to actively open a new window or tab to effectively get into their email whether it be Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or many others. If Facebook introduced this all in one service then it would be of advantage to them meaning that people could have everything in one place. It is the convenience that people require in their busy lives today and the little fuss approach.

A final weapon in the battle is the development of Facebook chat, they have plans to intergrate this also. This would further mean that every service would in one place and this would just be the jewel in the crown of victory! Making the whole user experience a pleasant one!

On the other side of the battle field however, Google are gearing up! Google plan to introduce a social media service which will be of challege to Facebook. But with Facebook's firm standing within today's society and the chance that Facebook will introduce their email service before Google have chance to introduce their service could meant that Google's social media service would prove a easy competitor to defeat than what was first thought.

We shall just have to wait untill the soldiers taking part in the battle start to march, and these rumours become fact!

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