Happy Social Media Day

Yes you heard us right, today is national Social Media Day where millions of people from across the world will make use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and many more.

With over 600 TweetUp spots across the globe many are choosing to meet up and attend these events in order to listen to guest speakers which will be at these events. James and Hannah from our Brick web team have decided that tonight they will be attending the Manchester Event.

The event which is known as Mashable has been greatly helped by the growth of social media and digital media. Mashable started out as a small company just five years ago and have now evolved into somewhat of an internet sensation.

With social media now taking center stage within many people’s lives today it was Mashable who came up with the idea of Social Media Day and since its announcement it took the world by storm. Everyone can get involved within Social Media Day; if you cannot attend a meet up like James and Hannah will be doing then you can simply use your social media profiles to get involved.

Twitter – simply add the hash tag #smday to your tweets and follow the official Social Media Day account @mashSMday.

Facebook – All you need to do to be involved is go to http://­mashable.­com/­smday/ and post a comment on here advertising your meet up or just to say Hi and wish everyone a Happy Social Media Day.

There will be two main hot spots! New York City and San Francisco are going to be the Mashable Meetups that everyone wants to check in at but Hannah and James will have to settle for Manchester!

The following speakers will be at the Manchester event:

BBC North West Tonight
Simon Plumb - Social Media Lead

A year ago Simon worked purely behind the scenes directing, vision mixing or sound mixing the BBC's NW regional news programme North West Tonight. As an 'enthusiastic user' of social media he persuaded his bosses to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, unexpectedly they asked him to manage it. Since then, Simon has grown a significant following and will be sharing with us how it came about, how it has developed over the last year and what's in store for the future.

Manchester City Football Club
Victoria Stansfield - Digital Delivery Manager

Manchester City Football Club's social media strategy is very well regarded within social media circles and was initiated to coincide with the launch of the clubs new official website in July 2009. MCFC wanted their social media presence to embrace the fans directly within the content of the site. Victoria will be providing a fascinating insight into the club's social media strategy, including recent highlights of 'Lift the FA Cup' and the club's IPhone app.

Greater Manchester Police
Amanda Coleman

Greater Manchester Police used Twitter to publish the details of all emergency and non-emergency calls received during a 24 hour period in real time. It was the first time any police force had attempted to show the whole range of issues it deals with in a single day in this way. They were recognised for their innovative approach to social media in June 2011 winning the Big Chip Award for Best Use of Social Media. Find out more about this pioneering use of social media on the night?

Miss Cay
Christina McDermott

With nearly 30,000 tweets to her name, Miss Cay is a perpetually greedy food journalist-slash-blogger who runs the popular blog Little Red Courgette and has a strong twitter following of over 3,200 followers. Christina is also the self-proclaimed Digital Marketing Supremo for the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Christina loves social media so much that she even met her fiancé through it!  She will talk about how to build up a blogging platform and create your own communities, as well as her approach to social media.

There will be a follow up report as to how Hannah and James got on in tomorrow’s news story - Watch this space!

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