Google+ Social Networking

Finally the doors have been opened on the newest social networking site, the Google+ platform has launched leaving competitor Facebook a little bit nervous! Having only limited invitations to the site, getting onto it has proved difficult.

Why have Google limited the number of granted accesses?

There are a number of reasons, however maybe Google wants a select group of people to try it out and then optimise Google+ based on their thoughts before allowing a large selection of the general public to access something which has problems.

On the other hand it could just be a promotional stunt, people are heavily anticipating its arrival and thus if they have to wait they desire it more which will in turn result in more promotion of the social networking site.

However, just days after it has been launched it is already causing quite a stir! Technology websites are claiming it to be the next big social network and even that it will beat the already existent Facebook.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has even opened a Google+ account, is he doing some sneaking around? Maybe Google+ is going to dethrone Facebook just like Facebook dethroned previously popular Myspace.

Google+ has more privacy control, instead of having friends Google+ has something called +circles which allow the user to group friends into circles. The user then has more control about which groups of friends can see a photo or a status update which gives Google+ the edge over Facebook in regards to controlling user’s privacy.

The next feature which could help them to win the throne over Facebook is the +Hangouts. This allows a group video chat for up to ten people, Facebook doesn’t even have a video chat feature and the chat system that is in place isn’t up to scratch either. This again gives Google+ the edge allowing groups of people to link together and as the name suggests, Hangout!

In response to the live video chat, rumours have arisen that Facebook are going to be launching their own Skype-powered video chat and this will be released on Wednesday – Watch this space!

One of the other features which could further help Google+ in their battle against is the +Sparks which allows users again to gain control. +Sparks looks for any videos or articles which may be of interest to you and so when you’re just relaxing at night time there is always something for you to watch or read and then you have the option to share this with your +Circles.

However, you have the decision on which topics, news items or videos that you want to share. You even have the option to share your +Sparks with just one individual or one group assigned in a +Circle.

Only time will tell who wins the social networking battle over Facebook and Google+ and with each introducing new features to rival the other let the battle commence!

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