Google Set To Reveal Its Rival To The iPhone

Gadget-lovers and industry rivals are gearing up for the unveiling of Google’s first mobile phone. As predicted, it seems that the next big growth market for 2010 and beyond is mobile internet. Mobile Internet usage has increased dramatically over the last few years, prompting the world’s biggest search engine Google, to release the Nexus One mobile phone handset.

The hotly-anticipated arrival of the Nexus One marks the start of Google's bid to challenge the dominance of Apple’s iPhone in the growing smartphone market. The internet search giant has invited journalists to its Californian headquarters for a press briefing on its Android mobile phone operating system, launched to attract users to its services.

It is widely expected that Google will take the opportunity to unveil the Nexus One phone, thought to be named in a nod to the 'Nexus' androids in the sci-fi film Blade Runner. Google's Android operating system is already used by phones from companies such as Motorola and Samsung, but the Nexus One will represent the first time the company has had full control over a device.

Although Google has said little about its own smartphone - the name given to the growing group of phones with the capabilities of miniature computers - details and photos have leaked online. The touch-screen handset is manufactured by Taiwanese company HTC, while Google took the lead in designing the hardware and software.

It is thought to have a slightly larger screen than the iPhone and to allow users to add a memory card if they wish. Users will also be able to access the web, play video games and use Google’s free GPS navigation software.

Apple, meanwhile, is expected to announce details of its iSlate – a touch-screen tablet PC - at an event on January 26.

The gadget has been described as more like a giant iPod Touch than a keyboardless Mac.

If it proves successful, it could create the industry's next big growth market.

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