Google "Fresh" Algorithm Update

Here we go again... This weekend a new algorithm update has been applied by Google. Some of us SEO experts call it "Google Fresh", others are calling it Caffeine 2.0.

This update is more subtle than the previous Panda or Farmer Algorithm updates. But we hate to say "we told you so", Google seems now to be putting more empahasis on the freshness and relevance of your website content. Brick for years have been advising our clients to make sure that fresh, relevant and unique content is added to your site in order not only to make Search Engines take notice, but real live people will find your site relevant and useful and therefore gain more conversions. Our content management system is tailored to make this activity simple.

There are things you can do to ride along with the new update. Brick hold workshops each and every month for our clients and in our November SEO workshop we will be explaining how to take advantage, get higher rankings and drive more visitors to your site.

It seems to us that this "fresh" or "caffeine 2.0" update could be the most subtle algorithm Google has released in the past years. Most of the strategies we have noted on how to react to Google Fresh, are the core principles of great websites that we have been advocating for some time. It's always been about producing fresh relevant content, and doing it on a consistent basis. If your site is based around a subject which doesn't require daily updates, then this change probably won't have an effect. That is if Google's claim concerning recency only affecting certain topics holds true. On the other side, if your site relies on current events and you already are following our regular advice, you're probably happy about this update.

So in order to keep your site in step with the new Google Fresh (Caffeine 2.0) update. No technical skills are required, keep your news, blogs, forums, case-studies and information pages fresh, exciting and relevant!

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