Google Advertising

Google, known worldwide as a search engine may have got into a spot of bother regarding their online advertising system which is now under investigation by US regulators.

It has been rumored that Google could be facing a bill which totals £500m!

This money has been set aside “in connection with a potential resolution of an investigation by the United States Department of Justice into the use of Google advertising by certain advertisers. Now although the extent of this matter remains unknown it will have a adverse effect upon the business.

The question on everyone’s minds is just what is being investigated however, Google have declined to comment further although close observers have suggested that they are under investigation for failing to properly police automated search advertising system which is in place.

It is this ad system which has generated 97% of the revenues within the first quarter of this year but the search giant has been under scrutiny over the last two years.

Currently under investigation by the European Commission, Google has been accused of abusing their dominance by relegating rival services within search rankings whilst promoting its own secondary ventures. Not so long ago in March they were forced into an agreement concerning Buzz social network and this is currently going ahead.

The expansion of Google has angered many rivals but they don’t plan to give up anytime soon!

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