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Custom print on demand fulfilment with high-quality apparel.

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5th May 2022


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Plain Products

Additional functionality available only to premium retailers.

A seller in his/her own web-store (Shopify, Etsy, etc.) can sell designer clothes with an additional product (badge, pen, mugs, etc.).

These additional goods are transferred to the warehouse by the web-store owners.

The DropShip.­GoCus­tom­Clothing.­com website administrator creates such products for a specific premium seller.


When ordering on the website, this seller will be able to add such an ordinary product to the basket along with clothes.


If the order with such goods was made in a store(s) (Shopify, Etsy, etc.), the seller will be able to link the ones to the corresponding products on the website.


When processing an order, this custom product will be added when the order is packed.


How it looks on a mobile device

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