Facebook Timeline Off-Page Developments

Facebook Timeline has raised a number of comments both negative and positive however; it has brought about some extremely exciting Off-Page Developments which can really help promote a brand, company or business. Brick technology web design explains these Off-Page Developments and how they can help.

Administration Panel

There has been a new administration panel created which now provides the admins to a page with a complete overview of statistics such as how many people are interacting with the page, any new likes that you have in the site and recent insights. This is going to completely change the way in which admins use their Facebook page in that now they can clearly see what works and what doesn’t.

Admins can view this information through the administration panel and thus make any improvements or changes to their page as are necessary.

Real Time Facebook Page Insights

Previously Page Insights on Facebook would have a two day time delay however, now all the data can be viewed in real time and this is extremely exciting for many because at any time marketers can see what is happening behind the scenes at any time. Through the Page Insights users can clearly see what content is performing well and what isn’t really doing all that much.

Through looking at content which is performing well more of this type of content can be wrote and less time can be wasted on writing content which users simply are not interested in.

One-To-One Messages

If you are a user then you can now privately message a Facebook Page directly whereas previously this was not the case. Users can choose to engage with a brand one-on-one and brands can also communicate with users one-to-one which means that they have an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with a consumer who is closer and more intimate.

If however you do not wish to communicate with your users one-on-one or you do not want them to have the ability to private message you then this is a feature which can be turned off although we see this as a positive thing.

Overall the new layout is far superior to before as it is giving Facebook Pages better control over their content and brands can better express themselves through their content. There is more visual items being added such as photos and video which is more engaging for a user whilst enhancing a brands personality.

Administrators can now see what content is working and what isn’t whist pinning important content to the top of their page and any content performing poorly can be edited and changed so that it performs well.

Now as a user we can clearly see how one of our friends have interacted with a particular brand and because recommendation is key this is becoming a huge focus of search engine optimisation because most consumers will trust a recommendation from their friends, family and peers.

There has also been a number of changes to the Facebook On-Page Developments please see our article on Facebook Timeline for Businesses Explained to find out more on how you can utilise your Facebook Page.

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