Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

Already for personal pages Facebook announced a brand new Facebook page which brought a Timeline to their profiles. On 29th February 2012 they announced that they were going to roll out the Timeline onto Brand pages too incorporating a number of extra items too!

The new Timeline for brand pages will see an admin panel added as well as the ability to message brand pages, pinned posts and activity logs for pages. Unfortunately these pages are going to be on preview mode until 30th March 2012 so if you have a brand page you can update right away but it won’t be till after the above date when it will be an auto-update for all the brand pages on Facebook.

Already a number of brands have changed their page over to the new Timeline and have set a cover photo as well as highlighted particular news stories right from when the brand was created to the present.

You can pin a story to the top of the page and this will remain there for 7 days before disappearing. There has been a huge change to the brand page in regards to the Timeline as there is now an admin panel which is the place you go to gain full control over your Facebook page.

It is in the admin panel where you can see your page’s recent performance in a clear and easy to read format. Here is the central hub for you to respond to fan messages, view pages insights and view your notifications however, if you need to make any changes this is also the page you need to come to in order to edit your page.

Another new addition is that fans can now send messages to pages and thus it is a much more private, personalised and sensitive way to hold sensitive communication between Fans and Pages.

When Facebook brought the Timeline to personal profiles many people were in uproar and didn’t appreciate it however, now people have gotten used to it and many like it. If you are a brand with a business page on Facebook then why not switch to the Timeline.

Let us know what you think about Facebook Brand Timeline!

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