Fabric and Furniture stores


  • Available colours shown right on product lists with ability to select the colour needed.
  • Colour/fabric selection at product page made with fabric/colour image thumbnails and ability to link few real product photos for each of colour/fabric (DSFU). Ability to group fabrics (http://­www.­intosofa.­brickclient.­co.­uk/­products/­classic-range­/elegance-sofa­/elegance-large-sofa-product.html)
  • Show real dress photos on product photos at product lists (bridal fabrics) and allow customers to send their photos (with ability to issue an discount/­promotion code for the customer)
  • Request a swatch feature: ability to select few swatches to buy (DSFU) or create your own samples/­swatches book (Bridal Fabrics https://­www.­bridalfabrics.­co.­uk/­sample-books-and-samples), or just get few samples for free (croftmill) and more for specified price.
  • Search for products by colour (each custom product colour can be linked to one general colour)
  • Products can be sold per metre, per cut roll and full roll, with ability to just type quantity (meters) needed and website will propose the optimal way how to buy
  • Ability to specify matching lining and threads for each fabric product
  • Create your own furniture using a lot of options https://­www.­winches­ter­le­ather.­com/­chesterfield-fabric-newby-high-back-2?cat=­487380 or online designer like corner unit creator (http://­www.­intosofa.­brickclient.­co.­uk/­products/­corner-units/­leyburn-corner-units-product.­html )
  • Ability to specify estimate delivery date for each furniture product (lead time) and ability to specify desired delivery date at checkout