E-Commerce Web Design and Calls to Action

High quality graphics, engaging and informative text as well as competitive prices and great customer service are just a few features what makes a e-commerce web design work. You need to be able to get traffic flowing to your website and professional web design can help you achieve this.

When you have an e-commerce web design you should start to see that customers want to purchase products and services from you almost immediately. It is for this reason that you must ensure the purchasing process is not only fairly quick but also extremely easy and possible to carry out.

Too many problems are caused when a customer will click onto your website, select the product they want at the price you have selected and then the purchasing process was that complicated they clicked out and went elsewhere. When this occurs that particular customer will remember this user experience and probably not return to your site which could prove damaging. It is for this reason you must ensure that any problems arising from your web design are carefully ironed out at these initial stages.

Brick technology Ltd can work together with you in order to design and create a company branded, professional e-commerce web design which will eliminate the chances of visitors and potential customers becoming frustrated and leaving your site without converting to a sale. What you need to do is ensure there are clear and easy to follow instructions or guides which outline definitively what you want the customer to do. Sometimes strong calls to actions are appropriate so that you are in control and you can get the customer to do what you want.

If it is contact which you wish them to make, so picking up the phone and calling you then a “contact us” or “call us now” should appear say on product pages and underneath services as a call to action.

As we are a professional web design company who has been in this particular industry for over twenty years now we have a savvy team who are always on top of the latest technologies and testing them out to see how popular they are with customers – it is safe to say we know what works and what doesn’t work and if you want a successful online presence and professional web design then come to us today.

Speak to Hayley a member of our friendly team and book an informal consultation where you can come and discuss a whole range of web design requirements. When you come to Brick technology you get the whole package as we offer services in internet marketing and media production too.

For more information then please can you contact us on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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