E-Commerce: Unique Product Descriptions

Brick technology web design currently has designed numerous e-commerce websites for a variety of business types and so we understand that it is of high importance that each and every business stands out. However, where we get our kicks from is making your website stand out in search engine results.

One of the easiest ways to do this is actually through unique product descriptions for your products and services. The majority of companies actually chose to just lift the manufacturer’s description of the product unless of course you are the manufacturer. But saying that you’re not then just by lifting the descriptions you are not going to rank. Instead you need to write your own unique product descriptions which in turn can help you rank higher in the search engine results.

Why is it important that unique product descriptions are used?

Search engines actually value unique content more highly than content which is duplicated. Now this for us at Brick technology seems sometimes like an ongoing battle and a broken record with our web design clients. Unfortunately as easy as it is to copy, paste and implement content which is from another site it becomes difficult for search engines like Google to distinguish between which website page is more relevant and thus it disregards duplicated copy.

When search engines disregard content it can mean that valuable search terms which your business need are not indexed and thus your website doesn’t appear high in the results when these search terms are typed in.

Generic descriptions should be avoided and in their place relevant and creative descriptions should be used. Other competitors who may also choose to use generic descriptions can be overcome if you create your own product descriptions and thus you rank higher.

For businesses a search term which is relevant to them and generates a high volume of traffic is going to be something which they would want to rank for in order to draw a large volume of traffic to their site in the home that these visitors will convert into a sale.

If you type in something which is receiving a lot of searches recently, New Harry Potter DVD then you will see that Amazon is at the top of the results. If you take a closer look you will see that this is because as an e-commerce site it doesn’t use generic product descriptions but rather they avoid and write their own unique content.

Customer reviews are just another easy way of generating unique content without you as a business owner or your staff having to generate it. User-generated content can also add credibility to your products, as a company you could shout about how great your products are as loud as possible but customers know that all in all your aim is to sell products and make money. When they see other customers who they can relate to it makes it more credible to them, they can see other people using your products and services and being happy with them.

The more customers who leave reviews then the more the content of the site is boosted as well as giving useful insights into products and services. Fresh content is added with each new post and better rankings achieved.

Although ranking within search engines highly is one of the main aims and Brick technology can help you achieve this through our Internet Marketing services, unique content does something more important! User experience is precious and the additions of unique content and customer reviews can help to enhance the overall user experience greatly.

This in turn can drive visitors to your e-commerce site and these customers are gaining greater user experience which could in turn encourage them to purchase products and services from your business or company instead of going elsewhere.

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