E-Commerce on Valentine's Day!

Well it’s that day of the year you either love or hate; whilst many are being spoilt others are feeling sick at the sight of yet another loved up couple! Valentine’s Day however is great for some e-commerce websites and we find out why?

Many of our client’s websites have been spruced up and had their web design changed slightly in order to make it look like it’s in the Valentine’s Day spirit. With so many men and women forgetting about this crucial date many go online to shop for last minute gifts and usually flowers which can be delivered straight to the person they love.

With love very much present in the air it has been stated that 32% of consumers will do their shopping for this special day online. This is a 9% increase over the last year and even though we are in a recession and people are supposed to be cutting back 19% of consumers plan to spend more money this year.

It would seem that not only is there going to be a change in the place where consumers choose to shop, from brick and mortar to online as well as them choosing to spend more but they are also changing what they plan to buy.

There may have been a shift from guys purchasing the normal and average gifts of flowers, chocolates and stuffed toys holding phrases like “I Love You” and “Your My One in a Million” instead:

  • 18% will purchase a gift card for their Valentine
  • 60% will purchase something other than chocolates or flowers this year – thank goodness!

It’s that age old saying of “It’s the thought that counts” and it is so just remember that this Valentine’s Day!

However, believe it or not a massive 47% do not have any idea about what to purchase and it is these people which can be won over online by retailers who could get themselves a sale.

A big day in retail, Valentine’s Day has seen many spend hundreds of pounds on TV’s, Mobile Phones, Cameras, engagement rings and anything else imaginable! It’s great for our web design industry to know that more shoppers will be choosing the internet today to choose and send their loved ones a present. Let’s hope that today is a great day for our e-commerce clients and all of our other clients too!

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Brick technology!

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