Digital Marketing Breaks Revenue Record

The growth in mobile spending is being driven by digital advertising. This multi-billion pound industry continues to extend and adapt with consumer preferences, further increasing this dramatic growth.

As the number of mobile devices continues to increase, digital advertising has developed into a driving force. Annual revenues experienced a massive growth of 12.5% last year, rising to a record-breaking £5.4bn. The spending on mobile advertising jumped by 148% in the same time period, quickly passing the £500m mark and now accounting for around one tenth of the total digital spend, according to figures published in the digital advertising spend report by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Carried out by accountancy firm PwC, the report also found that social media advertising had experienced a 24% growth while video advertising had increased by 46%. For the first time, consumer goods became the largest display advertiser, overtaking financial services.

The IAB is a respected trade association concerned with mobile and online advertising. By conducting detailed studies and data analyses, the association continues to promote the growth and development of agencies, advertisers and media representatives in the digital marketing sectors. Commenting on the recent study, Research Director at the IAB Tim Elkington said, "Marketers are becoming more attuned to the 'always on' nature of consumers who expect to engage with content wherever they are".

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