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Growing your customer base is of course crucial to the ongoing success of e-commerce websites. That said, a significant number of marketers are focusing on this aspect so strongly that they are overlooking one of their biggest assets: their existing customers. Though a customer may have bought a product or service from you, it is crucial that you give them a reason to return. Given the massive amount of competition in the e-commerce arena, it would be foolish to imagine that your customers do not have plenty of other appealing options.

In this edition of the Brickweb blog, we're going to look at perso­nali­sation, a key strategy that can help you retain the customers you already have. 

According to the results of in-depth research by McKinsey, a massive 71% of consumers now expect personalised experiences when buying from a brand they have previously bought from. The same study revealed that around 76% of these consumers experience frustration if their experience 'is not unique enough'.

This means that the generic approach used in the past is no longer sufficient. Any marketing materials sent to a customer should make use of their data; generic emails and irrelevant product promotions are going to make the customer feel as if they mean nothing more to you than just another transaction. It should be a priority to obtain as much data as the customer is willing to provide; this can then be used to deliver more tailored experiences, such as price promotions based on their previous purchases. 

Determining the stage at which different customer segments are at can help guide you in personalising your marketing strategies. For example, a client who has not made a purchase for a long time could benefit from a reminder of their past purchases and an update on any new, similar products. At the other end of the scale, frequent purchasers are likely to respond positively to a product-specific discount or suggestions on how the experience of the product could be further enhanced. 

Digital marketing should involve more than just pushing products. Customers should not only be given the chance to voice their opinions but should be actively encouraged to do so. This means that it is always a good idea to follow up a purchase with an invite to review the product. Many marketers live in fear of negative reviews but these can be turned to your advantage: public complaints should be replied to and addressed in full view of the reviewing community, showing that your business cares about providing a positive experience.

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