Cyber Monday Went Crazy and Black Friday went Berserk!

On Friday 25th November it was Black Friday and then this was followed by Cyber Monday which fell on the 28th November. On this day online sales rose faster than expected; this is extremely pleasing for us at Brick technology web design Lancashire.

The record sales show that the public are starting to have more faith in shopping online through various websites. The majority of our web design customers who had an e-commerce website noted an increase in sales on these two days.

On Black Friday sales totalled £524million, this was a 26% gain on last year. This marks the start of the Christmas shopping season where customers could take advantage discounts, special offers and irresistible deals in order to grab a real bargain.

Amazon topped the bill taking 50% more visitors than any other retailer. Interestingly there was a trend noticed in people choosing to shop on their smartphones and tablets. In total around 9.8% of sales this year were made through a smartphone or tablet and this has rose on last year by 3.2%.

Specific pages were set up on websites just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday special offers and it has been noted that visitors to various online sites took more of a blinkered view – they looked at single pages rather than browsing through what else was on offer.

Black Friday set the standard for Cyber Monday and in turn they didn’t let us down! It was noticed that there was a 33% surge in sales this year but with 80% of online retailers offering Cyber Monday promotional deals then you expect a rise in sales when compared with last year.

However pleasing the results were for online retailers this year on these two days, both were not just about sales. Unfortunately with this being one of the busiest days of the year there are a number of people or rather criminals who jump onboard and sell counterfeit goods. This year over 150 websites were shutdown as part of a campaign which launched last year, millions of consumers visited sites which were not what they claimed to be.

There was us thinking that the Christmas period was all about the season of goodwill and giving. Apparently there were 123 million people planned to shop on this date and so plenty of people for these criminals to try and snatch money from or even their identity.

Brick technology Web Company in Lancashire are just extremely pleased that the general public have had their faith restored in shopping online. If you are thinking of starting a business online then come to the professionals – we have had over twenty years experience within this particular industry.

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