Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Don't get caught out. Today is Cyber Monday. The start of the Christmas rush.
Brick technology staff are all geared up to support our clients with extra staff scheduled.
Projections are that 2015 online sales will increase 32% this year over last (Source BBC News)

We will be keeping an extra careful eye on all our client's websites and have livehelp via your control centres.

If you're a bit late out of the blocks and have not set up promotion codes, discounts or banner adverts. We will try our best to assist you. Simply click on the livehelp button if you have any questions.

Black Friday was a great success for many of our customers and we already are receiving comments like this;

"Hi Colin

Just wanted to let you know that the Black Friday code has had a really dramatic effect and we’ve probably quadrupled if not more normal sales today, which is fantastic with only a 10% reduction in prices.

Good stuff.



If you need any help or support at all don't hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes and good luck!

Colin Clarke

Managing Director

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