Creep Out your Competitors this Hallowe'en!

Creep Out your Competitors this Hallowe'en!

Autumn is an underrated season. Yes, the early dark’ nights are back and we’re all starting to feel a little chill in the air but the trees are wearing their gorgeous final colours before the winter sets in, there’s bonfire night to warm everyone up and of course there’s Hallowe’en…

Right around the corner is that fearful festival and all the staff here at Brick will be getting into the spirit of things, hopefully not literally! Before we do get too wicked and wild though, we want to let you know how this 31st  October could be a Ha-Ha-Happy Hallowe’en for you and your e-commerce and mcommerce business; we want to bring you to Brick.

Working with Brick is a unique experience and we create, define and deliver first-rate websites to a global client base. Our expert team, working in close conjunction with you and with one another, help you to clarify and refine your presence online, creating and constantly enlarging your own unique space in what is an increasingly crowded and diverse marketplace.

Brick websites exude modernity. The phenomenal number of websites that now comprise the internet means that online visitors and customers can take their pick. Building a brand and brand loyalty is harder than ever before online; the ever-increasing speed and ease of access to the internet means that visitor patience levels are at an all-time low.

Visitors abandon websites and potential transactions for all sorts of reasons and it’s sometimes the smallest details that send them searching for another provider.  Transactions are abandoned because the website runs too slowly, because it won’t display optimally on their particular device or even because it hasn’t been recently updated with news, special offers and other dynamic content.

These and other, more serious, factors such as worries about  insecure online payment systems, drive visitors away from such websites and to another, more reliable alternative. Brick is that alternative and our way of working with clients is unmatched in scale, both large and small. From the big, overall vision to the tiniest details, a Brick website is a complete, contemporary option for today's’ ever-more discerning web user.

The Brick SMS is so powerful yet so intuitively easy to use that you’ll scare yourself with how quickly you’re carrying out what once seemed like the most complex tasks online and a good scare is what everyone wants for Hallowe’en. However, the real scare will be for your competitors as they see you effortlessly and quickly climb the legendary ladder. Their blood will boil and they’ll go green with envy which will at leasts mean they don’t have to fork out for Hallowe’en costumes.

Get ready for no tricks and all treats with Brick: knock at our door first and find out all you need to know. Have a horridly happy Hallowe’en!

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