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Creativity, Competition and Cooperation

Creativity, Competition and Cooperation

We recognise that modern, smoothly functional and aes­the­tic­al­ly-pleasing online experiences are a critical part of creating customer engagement and subsequent conversions. Not only do they want to look at beautiful stuff, they want to look at it through a beautiful interface too.

Our online design team at Brick Technology boasts a powerful combination of the most contemporary techniques with a solid base of practical experience stretching right back over almost two decades.

The latest development to come from this close working relationship is at your fingertips: a Brick CMS3 ultra-responsive website. And it’s already making a big impression; we are currently sharing free demos of our unique, feature-rich e-commerce platform and Content Management System (CMS3), book yours right now.

One of our recently converted websites Inkthre­adab­le is now already converting TWICE AS MANY customers as their old site, simply with the design/UI changes. Visitors enjoy a smooth and seamless online experience whichever route they take, this browsing perfection encourages them to stay longer, explore further. And ultimately, part with their hard-earned cash for a piece of quality design and expert cra­ft­smanship that is going to make a statement about who they are.

Double the audience of potential buyers and that's just the beginning.

Big respon­sibi­lity. Big challenge. Big potential. Have you got what it takes….? Maybe.
Let’s cooperate and make the world a more Inkthre­adab­le place.