Costs, Clients and Customer Service

Costs, Clients and Customer Service

'How much will it cost?' is often the first question asked by a business wishing to create or upgrade their online presence. Although this is a natural question to ask, it is important to realise that a website is not simply a one-off product but is an ongoing service that should be tailored to the specific needs of the company. And good customer service, both ours to you and yours to your own customers with our help, is something that goes beyond cost...

The first step in creating or branding a website to be modern, effective and responsive is to research web development agencies and select one that has a proven track record. Web development is a discipline that is easy to get started on but has a sharp learning curve that immediately begins to up the ante; this has led to innumerable web development agencies being set up that do not fully understand the environment in which they are working. Such companies are likely to be able to instantly answer the 'how much will it cost?' question when offering to design a website, as a quick sale is their main focus. More reputable digital agencies will first examine the business and the existing website, if any, in detail before designing and creating a new, bespoke website tailored to meet the individual needs of the company.

The website-building process should comprise joint decisions by the company and the web agency they choose to employ. Many customers instantly focus on the layout and design of the website but, in the early stages, it is important to look at things from a more businesslike point of view. After a detailed examination of business objectives provided by the client, the digital agency can then begin to tailor the features of the website before it is launched.

The role of the digital agency does not end once the website is live. It is important that they provide clients with clear yet detailed information on how, where from and by how many people the website is being accessed. Such data is vital in ensuring the website can continue to develop according to the needs and experiences of customers, aiding the further growth of the business.

Brickweb is a digital agency that lives up to and exceeds all of these requirements. By working on an individual basis with our diverse range of clients, we consistently help businesses to achieve their objectives.

Rather than asking 'How much will it cost?' when it comes to website-building, it is better to ask 'How much value will I get for my investment?'. With the plethora of companies offering Internet services, it is a simple matter to obtain a cheap website very quickly. As with a great many such offers, this is false economy and can not offer the depth of expertise provided by Brickweb.

To book a free, no-obligation review of your business, getting your first taste of Brick customer service along the way, contact us right now.

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