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Content is extremely important for websites everyone knows that! In particular it is content which is unique and frequently updated which will serve to have the most effect. When content is embedded with keywords and phrases as well as links it can be properly optimised in order to perform well with the search engines.

Many web design companies will offer internet marketing services where they will regularly write and update your content as well as ensuring it is all fully optimised. However, sometimes this content can prove to be more of a negative thing than a positive in regards to the effect it could have on your reputation.

Brick technology has our own internet marketing team which is made up of some really talented individuals who can ensure you have quality, unique content which is fully optimised so it will perform well within search engines.

In regards to content there are a number of tips which you should try and think about when thinking about content for your web design:

  • Typing Errors

You will be surprised that even though the majority of computers nowadays have spell checkers there still are mistakes made by people who simply just slip with their fingers and end up pressing the wrong key. If content goes live on your site which has typing errors present it can seriously damage your credibility. Always scan your work through, read it out loud and then spell check it. This will ensure that no typing errors get through to your website and damage your company reputation.

  • Jargon

As a human being it is frustrating to go onto websites where they are trying to be clever yet they are just putting in random jargon and sometimes you cannot help but feel a bit alienated – almost out of the “click!” When online it doesn’t matter what level of education a person has achieved all that website visitors care about is that the content is compelling, simple and easy to understand. Do not try too hard to impress, write in a tone and style which is appropriate for the audience you are targeting.

  • Target Audience

Focus on your target audience because your content will be read by one website visitor at a time then you need to ensure that it addresses that person and they feel like they are getting a personal experience. Your content must be the type of content that your ideal customer would read; it has to fit into the demographic of them. There is no use writing a article about car insurance and information about motoring if your ideal customer is someone who doesn’t drive? Yes this may seem like a stupid thing to do and more like common sense but you would be surprised at the amount of companies who write content which is not relevant and they wouldn’t even aim at their target audience just for the sake of keeping their site up to date.

  • Vagueness

Visitors to a website need the information that they came for, they need the product or service they searched for they don’t need things “flowering up” or making all “pretty” customers need the facts, details and figures right there. When writing content for your website you need to be specific and make the potential customer believe in you.

  • Understand your customer

So you know what type of customer you want, what they are like and other various factors but do you really understand them? When you are writing content is it that you are just trying to sell your products and services by ramming them down their throats – as a figure of speech! You need to understand what the customer requires, do not try to sell as silly as this sounds but try to connect and build a relationship and the sales will come naturally. Once you have been doing this for some time you will naturally begin to understand exactly what your customer needs. Provide your customer with a solution not a hard sale.

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