Companies House New Rules

New rules have been introduced regarding how you should display your company information on your website and email signatures. Companies House rules now state that simply displaying your company name at your registered office is no longer suffi­cient.­ Your company name must be displayed prominently and is visible to every visitor on web pages, email signatures and stationery and must be of satisfactory size as to be easily read with the naked eye. The company name, registered number and head office must be displayed on all business letters, e-mails, notice boards and websites. Are you displaying your company name correctly? Criminal penalties ensue for non-compliance. If you are a Brick client simply login to your control centre and click on the "company profile" module. Here you will find a simple form that when completed ensures that you are in compliance. If you are not a Brickweb client please contact your web provider because if you don't display this information you could face criminal charges.
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