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Christmas-ify Your Newsletter Today!

Within our Brick technology website control centres our clients have the ability to send out fantastic newsletters at the click of a button!

Not only are the pre-designed newsletter templates branded with their company name but they are clean, profes­sional and easy to create. Now with Christmas around the corner we want the attention of our clients!

We want our clients to spread a bit of Christmas Cheer! When sending out newsletters around the festive period have a world-class Christmas newsletter template designed especially for you by our talented designer.

Whether it is snow, snowflakes, Santa hats or sleighs our designer can work to create you a fantastic Christmas newsletter template which you can send to all your subscribers spreading the spirit of Christmas.

We have a special offer just for the festive period; whereas they would normally cost around £250-£300 we are offering the chance to Christmas-ify your newsletter for just £150!

With just over 7 weeks till Christmas it is important that you get yours designed, made and implemented today!

Be the envy of all other companies when you Christmas-ify your newsletter and it lands in their inbox looking truly out of this world!

Do not hesitate call us today on 01254 277190 or email info@­brickweb.­co.­uk for more details.