Celebrities Paid to Publish on Twitter

Social networks as you well know are becoming the secret weapon in the internet marketing battle. Brands are becoming publishers through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The aim of these social networks is to accelerate message distribution, create your own community whilst performing vital market research.

A unique finding has emerged recently in regards to social networking site Twitter. Through the advancement in web design and web technologies brands have been given the ability to become publishers and are doing so in a successful way. Amongst the most successful members of Twitter are:

  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Lady Gaga

Although these are celebrities on Twitter they are classified as brands rather than actual publishers. Due to the celebrities achieving a huge volume of followers other brands are noticing and paying for advertising in newly created communities.

In simple terms celebrities are brands! What’s more they are brands which have become publishers and have now become paid advertisers. Tweets from celebrities provide a potentially lucrative advertising platform.

Brick technology realise that if a company is to pay a celebrity to advertise their brand or a specific product by tweeting about it that the effects will be short term but for that short space of time a large volume of traffic will be generated to the site they tweet about. Although some celebrities are well up for the idea of being paid for a advertising tweets some are extremely annoyed by the this. Front man Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit tweeted that he was that offended at being offered money to tweet he is leaving twitter for good.

Do not think it isn’t going on because already celebrities have been approached!

The way it works would be that a advertising and marketing person would approach a celebrity and offer to them a fee in exchange for them to subtly tweet endorsements of their products, brand or website.

The thought that we are left with is that when our beloved celebrities tweet about something they are “loving at the moment” are they really or have they had their decision influenced by a few thousand pounds?

Internet marketing is an up and down scale; Brick technology are focusing on socials through our internet marketing team as part of our clients advertising and marketing plans. Socials are becoming so important and for those who chose to not involve themselves in them there are going to be devastating consequences and they will simply get left behind.

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