Case Study: Platinum Bridal Fabrics

Platinum Bridal Fabrics is one of the leading retailers of bride and groom fabrics in the UK. As such, the business demands a high-performance website that can easily meet the many diverse needs of its customers; Brickweb in Lancashire were proud to be selected to handle this complex and delicate task and the relationship between the companies has since continued to grow and develop.

As Platinum Bridal Fabrics supply such a large range of products, it is essential that customers can navigate the website with complete ease. By simply pointing at a section heading, further sub-sections are immediately revealed; unlike many websites, these sub-section headings remain visible and do not disappear simply because the cursor is not directly upon them, a problem that has been cited many times by customers disappointed with a website's performance. A handy 'wishlist' function is available on the website which allows customers to create an easily-accessible and personal record of their favourite products when deciding which to buy, a feature that also encourages further visits to the site and repeat business.

Many of the products supplied by Platinum Bridal Fabrics, such as fine lace, need to be viewed by customers in great detail. Product pictures on the website, which are rendered in high-definition, can be instantly magnified in real time, allowing customers to thoroughly examine their selected product.

At the heart of the website is the custom-built Brickweb CMS Control Centre, which offers detailed reports on website traffic and allows Platinum Bridal Fabrics to control every aspect of its e-commerce business, whether with customers, enquirers or suppliers. A powerful tool, our expertly-engineered control centre undergoes constant upgrades and the latest version, 2.4, is proving incredibly successful.

Brickweb continue to optimise the Platinum Bridal Fabrics website to ensure it enjoys a large and widespread internet presence. This is done in several ways, from social media integration to targeted newsletters and search engine optimisation. As a result of this, the company has become extremely well-known with several designers using Platinum Bridal Fabrics products to create a range of garments, some of which have been worn publicly by celebrities.

To view the website, of which the remarkably high quality is a Brickweb standard, please visit www.­bridalfabrics.­co.­uk.

Please call us on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email for more information or to book a free consultation with our expert web development team.

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