Brochure Websites: The Smart Way to Showcase Services

The rise of e-commerce has transformed the retail landscape, making a dizzying and diverse array of products available to customers all over the world, 24 hours a day. Such retailers utilise numerous methods to advertise and display their products, tempting consumers to buy. But not all companies have physical products to sell and instead run a business that provides specialist services. Though intangible as compared to physical items, these services have the exact same requirements when it comes to showcasing them to customers.

E-commerce websites that are designed to showcase services as opposed to physical products are known as 'brochure websites'. They act as an online portal for interested visitors, providing detailed information about the available services while ensuring that the visitor is kept interested and engaged. If these criteria are not met, the visitor is likely to leave and find another provider, of which there will be many to choose from.

The process of creating visual content for a brochure website is different and more nuanced than for those selling physical products; you can't simply provide images of said products for visitors to view. Instead, you have to create images that show how your services benefit the user and the different ways in which they can be applied. 

Here at Brickweb, a leading e-commerce development agency, we offer a unique creative design service which is delivered by our dedicated team of technical and artistic experts. Working closely with clients to identify the unique requirements of each individual client, the team can create cutting-edge videos, photography and animations that make your brand stand out from its competitors in the complex brochure website sector. 

Brochure websites need to be just as modern and functional as any other. We help companies to achieve lasting success by building and maintaining world-class e-commerce websites that are fully responsive and adaptive, allowing users to access them from a range of devices without any impact on performance. Your visitors will enjoy a seamless, coherent, immersive and intuitive experience which, in turn, reflects on their impressions of your business as a whole.   

Brickweb provides brochure websites to a wide range of clients across the spectrum of commerce and industry. These clients include Bachmann Group, Digital Engineering Works, Abbey ICT and BS Stainless. We'd like to invite you to visit their brochure websites to see for yourself their remarkable quality and give you an idea of how we could implement our skills to help YOUR business grow, evolve and flourish. 

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