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This is something which many of our internet marketing clients are involved within; however the majority of them only have basic understanding of how Google Adwords actually works. Instead they put their trust into Brick technology. Did you know that we are a Google accredited company handling a large number of client Adword Campaigns?

What is Google Adwords and why use it?

Google Adwords is a system which Google have put in place and developed in order to help you in the marketing of your company products and services within their Google Search Engine and other Affiliate sites.

It assists you in your marketing by placing a text ad which will appear when people search for phrases related to your product. This will appear as what is known as a sponsored link and works on a pay per click system.

Pay per click means that what you do as the company is to actually dictate where your ad will appear for a certain product or service by bidding for a series of phrases. Pay per click does exactly as the name would suggest you pay the amount that you had bid and if someone clicks on the ad as a result of a web search you are charged.

What does a Google Ad contain?

  • Title
  • Descriptive Line 1
  • Descriptive Line 2
  • URL Link to website or specific page on your website

Example from one of our customers is when you type "insulation fixings" into Google they appear in the Ad part at the top of the search results:

Google Adwords Ads in Search

As mentioned the ad works by appearing in the page of results which you have selected for it to appear in; they appear at the top and to the right of the organic search engine results. In addition to picking the page you want it to appear on you can also dictate at what position on the page for the ad to appear. However the more you bid the higher the mount you pay but the further to the top you appear.

Why use Google Adwords?

There is the fact that those visitors who come to your site after finding your website through the organic searches actually behave a lot differently to those who come onto your site through Google Adwords.

This could be because traffic which arrives on your site from the organic search may only be looking for further information whereas those arriving from a pay per click, Google Adword campaign know that they are clicking onto an Ad. Maybe it can be assumed that an ad is something they click because they want it and they want to buy a certain product or service.

You may ask the question then why not just get these targeted visitors via Google Adwords however, if it was that simple everyone would be doing it! It is a little bit more complicated and requires someone with experience and knowledge within this field in order to be successful otherwise you end up throwing money away.

If you want to discuss Google Adwords then come to Brick technology; as mentioned above we are a Google Accredited company and have had experience with a number of Google Adword Accounts.

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