Brick, Web Design in the news!

Did you know that Brick technology recently appeared in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph?

The article which you can read here, outlines the website launch of our Brick’s chosen charity, The East Lancashire Hospice.

Brick chose to offer this website as a helping hand to them. The work that the hospice carries out it vital and very important in so many people’s lives, it isn’t just the patients that it affects it is the families and friends who day after day look after ill family members or friends.

We never expected that there would be a story about Brick afterwards! It was all rather overwhelming as we never did it for any commercial reasons we wanted to simply contribute and we saw this as our special way of helping them.

Brick technology would rather let our wonderful web design and web development speaks for itself. We stand behind our clients, the work we do represents Brick as a whole, it is who we are and what we do.

Sharon Crymble from Lancashire Hospice said, “We are absolutely thrilled by it”. After launch there were many other comments about how fantastic this web design is, these comments are what speaks on behalf of Brick through our client, The East Lancashire Hospice.

The website is easier to use, brighter and makes it easier for people to be able to donate to this worthy cause. You can easily see fundraising events and how you can get involved. Not to mention that Brick will be carrying on supporting and maintaining the website from now on too!

Take a look for yourself, http://­eastla­nc­shos­pice.­org.­uk

There was however one last surprise in store, when unexpectedly we received a phonecall from Chris Hopper a local reporter for the Lancashire Evening Telegraph who had contacted us because he wanted to do a little snippet about a day in the life of Colin Clarke, managing director here at Brick. This was just a few lines about what Colin’s plans for the day were, inclusive of a meeting with Brent Stevenson Memorials.

Keep an eye out for Brick appearing in a paper near you! For enquiries into a Brick Web Design then please do not hesitate to call us on 01254 277190 and book a consultation or take a look at our portfolio.

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