Brick, The Beatles and the British Legion!

Brick, The Beatles and the British Legion!

In yet another landmark moment in the history of Brick Technology, we are heading off to a brand new HQ located in Strawberry Fields. No, we're not heading back to the distant past of the 1960s to star in a song by The Beatles! On the contrary, Strawberry Fields is the name of a state-of-the-art digital hub in Chorley where all of the focus is on the future.

The Strawberry Fields Digital Hub Chorley Lancashire UK has only just opened and is billed as 'a hi-tech business centre for digital and creative businesses, providing collaborative space and bespoke office suites'. A grant of more than £4m was secured from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) towards the initial costs of setting up the scheme. Located right in the heart of Chorley and equipped with the latest wifi and super-fast high-capacity broadband technology, Strawberry Fields Digital Hub is the perfect location for Brick Technology as we move into the future.

Colin Clarke, the Managing Director of Brick, is extremely excited about the move, which represents the beginning of a new phase of the company's development. More than 20 years ago, Colin's application for a council grant to get the business off the ground was turned down with the explanation that 'the internet is just a phase'. Interestingly this situation also has a Beatles connection: a representative of major record label Decca turned down the opportunity to represent the group because he believed that 'guitar groups are on their way out'.

Undeterred, Colin continued seeking the finance he needed to make Brick Technology a reality and his patience was eventually rewarded by a grant from the British Legion. Sat at his kitchen table more than two decades ago, Colin created his very first website and the rest, as they say, is history: Brick Technology has since created many hundreds of websites and has developed to encompass a comprehensive suite of related services including internet marketing, mobile app development, creative design and much more.

Let us take you down, 'cos we're going to Strawberry Fields! In fact, Brick Technology can only take YOUR business in the opposite direction and that is up, up and up some more. Ready to rise? Contact us today.

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