Brick, Brexit and the Eurovision Song Contest

Brick, Brexit and the Eurovision Song Contest

Though the government will soon complete the Brexit process, our country will remain in close contact with Europe in myriad ways from geographical and cultural to philosophical and political. Our physical proximity to Europe and the social effects of the EU connection over many years will not just simply disappear and it is certain that websites written in multiple languages will still be regularly required.

The Eurovision Song Contest is like a microcosm of Europe itself; it has its regional, national and international rivalries and alliances, its similarities and differences, its highs and lows and, most of all, its diversity. All of these aspects were once again clearly visible in this year's recent contest, with the use of different languages being one of the most clearly visible.

Many of the entrants performed songs wholly or partly in English, while others chose to sing in their native language. This dual-usage of language reflects the way modern Europeans speak and write, particularly online; English is recognised as the language that unites Europe and consequently, many websites use it. Website operators aiming at European markets often provide native language translations in addition, while still others prefer only the native language to be used.

Translation can be notoriously difficult between any two languages; while both have different words to express the same things, each language has its own style, idioms and word ordering so direct word-for-word translation can result in ambiguity and nonsense, often with hilarious but confusing and unprofessional results.

Brick offer multilingual website development and employ highly-skilled translators to ensure that your company's message is clearly understandable and relevant when presented in various languages. This dedication to meticulous translation results in website visitors receiving the best impression of your company, thus creating more frequent conversions and driving your ecommerce business forward across the board.

If you would like to find out more about Brick Multilingual Website Development, then check out information on our website and get in touch with our team for further details.

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