Black Friday & Cyber Monday - How to Survive

Black Friday & Cyber Monday - How to Survive

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now fixtures on the UK retail calendar, with companies from across all sectors offering special deals for a single day to attract bargain-hungry customers. Product sales on both days are predicted to smash existing records this year – is your website ready to handle the pace?

Black Friday

Last year, shoppers in the UK spent a total of £1.75bn on Black Friday, according to statistics published by Visa.

This year, consumers are set to dramatically increase the scale of their spree, pushing the figure up past the £2bn mark – this equates to a spend of around £83m per hour which is more than £23,000 a second! Much of this will take place online – e-commerce websites are predicted to take an even greater share of the profits this year as many brick-and-mortar stores are scaling back their deals to avoid the now-traditional chaotic scenes of people literally fighting for bargains.

Cyber Monday

The Monday immediately following Black Friday is Cyber Monday - the same one-day offers but taking place only in the online environment. An event that has been slower to take hold than Black Friday, Cyber Monday is now quickly gaining a much stronger foothold and customers of e-commerce websites are set to spend £1bn this year on online deals, up from £810m last year.

So, do you need some last-minute adjustments to get your website prepared? Our web development company can deliver a host of quality improvements in a flash - improvements that will last well beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday to help your business grow, develop and prosper. We can quickly provide you with:

  • Extra Web Space – don’t let your website fall victim to the Cyber Monday Curse of too many visitors and not enough webspace! Discover our generous packages
  • Superior Search Tools – make sure your customers can immediately find the product they want with powerful search facilities
  • Promo Codes – get that all-important code set up to give your visitors their discount
  • Clear, Safe Checkout – there is nothing more likely to make customers abandon the transaction at the last hurdle than a checkout they don’t feel protects their online safety. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to offer the best protection

Make sure this Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the start of a new era of success for your business – contact Brick technology Web Design & Development Company today. 

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