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Brick technology are proud to be a partner centre for the BBC WebWise Online Course for people of all ages who are just starting to use the Internet. 

It's a ten hour, online internet course which teaches the basics of using the internet. In the course learners learn all about web pages, e-mail and the other things they will use on the internet. Click here to start

Each guide in the course has a text version that you can open by clicking on the 'text only' button.

In this text version of The course we'll go through how to use all the course material provided.

To move through each guide you will use the 'back' and 'next' buttons.

If you are not sure what to do look out for the flashing 'next' button and click on it to go on.

What's on the course?

The course menu is the page you will use to get around. It shows you all the units in the course.

There are ten units and each one should last a maximum of one hour.

What should I expect in each unit?

Each unit contains a list of guides, which you should follow in order. Start with the one nearest to the left of the screen. Don't forget to test what you have learnt by doing the quiz after watching each guide.

All the guides look similar. However, in the guides you will be asked to perform certain tasks by clicking somewhere on the screen. When you are asked to do this you will notice the 'next' button is greyed out.

If you click in the wrong place don't worry! You will see an arrow pointing to the right place to click.

After you finish a guide you should click on the 'Back to the beginning' link to return to the unit menu. It is here where you will see the link to the quiz.

Once each unit is finished, click on the 'Back to the beginning' link to return to the main course menu. Here you will be able to select the next unit on the course.

Keep going until you have completed the course!

The Quiz

The quiz tests your knowledge on each guide. You will see one question per page. Answer the question by selecting the relevant radio button and then click the 'next' button.

Have some fun

At the bottom of each unit you will notice fun extra activities that you can do once you have completed all the guides and quizzes.

Course help

If you get confused or lost, then click on the link to the 'Course Help' section.

In Course Help you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the course.

Click here to start the WebWise Course 

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