Barcelona Hosts Largest Ever Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress, the world's premier gathering surrounding mobile technology, has just enjoyed its largest ever event. More than 72,000 people from a diverse array of industries connected with mobile technology spent four days in Barcelona networking and sharing information.

Highlights of the event included in excess of 40 conference sessions in which keynote speakers from a multitude of industries addressed audiences on topics surrounding the seemingly-unstoppable growth in popularity of mobile technology. Many well-known companies were represented including Mozilla, Vodafone, Nokia and CNN. In addition to the conferences, many networking and learning opportunities were provided while several product showcases highlighted the latest technological developments.

The fact that this year's Mobile World Congress was the largest ever is no coincidence. The rise of smartphones and tablets has completely revolutionised business practice across all industries and the developments, innovations and applications look set to continue growing in number as more and more people connect to the internet using such devices.

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