Apple iPad 2: Breakdown

It was announced by Apple that there will be a new version of the already popular iPad and this new version will be even thinner, faster, and lighter as well as all that the iPad 2 will feature not just one camera but two!

Have a minute or two just to catch your breath! Here is a breakdown, the top features of the new iPad which will be available in the UK on the 25th March 2011 and in the US you can get it from the 11th March 2011 – just four more days!

Thinner and lighter

The new iPad 2 has been dieting it would seem, originally the iPad measured 13.4mm and this has now been reduced to a miniscule 8.8mm, 33% thinner! Although you wouldn’t want the iPad to be completely weightless the overall weight has also been reduced by 15%.


The iPad 2 features two cameras, one to the front and one to the back. Now you may wonder what the point of this is however, this has been cleverly designed for FaceTime calling!

The two cameras work together, you can talk to your family and friends and have them look straight back at you face to face using the front camera and then you can switch to the back camera to show where you are, who you are with and what is happening within your environment.

Battery Life

With all these features you would assume that they would drain the battery but once again Apple has proved you wrong. The iPad 2 still features the same 10 hour battery life as the original. On standby your iPad is said to be able to last a month!

Large Scale Retinal Display

Everyone thought that this would be a feature incorporated on the iPad 2 however, this wasn’t ready – something that Apple is working on maybe for the iPad 3?

The iPad 2 features the same 9.7inch stunning display as before so you can still see our Brick technology web design skills in all their former glory through the Safari browser.

LED Backlights make everything that little bit more vivid and crisp. Designed to show off every angle, as you turn the iPad 2 the screen will adjust to fit too using the in-plane switching technology.

Dual-Core A5 Processor

Two extremely powerful cores in one chip will result in the iPad being able to do twice the work in theory. This will make multi-tasking on the iPad run a lot smoother, Apps will load faster and going from App to App will be quicker.

Graphics Performance

Featuring 9 times the graphics performance when compared to the original iPad game play will be so realistic, it will bring the war zone of Call of Duty right to your lap! Faster graphics will help Apps perform better; viewing animations in keynote will be an absolute pleasure.

iPad 2 smart cover

Designed to work together with the iPad the magnetised case adds no extra bulk to the thin, light and simply amazing design. Instead it pulls the iPad 2 and the case together; open the case and your iPad will magically awake! With ten colours to chose from there really is a colour for everyone. Half of the ten come in rich, aniline-dyed Italian leather for that extra luxury.

iOS 4 Mobile Operating System

Stable, responsive and secure the iPad 2 features the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. What’s more 65,000 amazing apps have been created specifically for the iPad so you can browse, read and see everything through simple touch of the screen. Supporting encrypted network communication sensitive information can be easily protected.

If your iPad is lost or stolen, then you can easily locate it on a map and then remotely delete all your data, if you are lucky to get it back then you can simply restore everything from the last backup.


That is right there is no need for wires, installation of software or drivers you can simply print photos, documents, web pages and emails through your Wi-Fi connection direct to a printer.

With many more features, the iPad is destined to be a hit that is providing you can get your hands on one!

Get yours in the UK on the 25th March 2011.

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