AI: The Future is Here

AI: The Future is Here

“Those who can imagine anything can create the impossible.”
Alan Turing

70 years ago, mathematician and compute scientist Alan Turing  published an article titled "Computing Machinery and Intelligence", which outlined his belief that computers would one day be able to observe their environments and learn new things. The article went on to speculate that computers would eventually be able to do this autonomously, without the need for human guidance.

At the time of publication, his predictions seemed like science fiction but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a concrete reality, one that grows in importance with every passing day. AI is already an ubiquitous part of modern civilisation, carrying out a huge and diverse range of everyday tasks such as deciding what adverts you see online, powering chatbots on ecommerce websites and using voice commands to control smart devices in the home and workplace alike.

But this is just the beginning: AI technology grows more sophisticated all the time, changing the way we live and work. By 2030, according to a recent McKinsey Global Institute forecast, AI will boost the global economy by creating additional economic activity worth around £10 trillion.

The five most important aspects of AI are:

  • Machine Learning. By automating analytical model building, machine learning will help identify hidden trends and patterns within colossal amounts of data, giving invaluable insights
  • Neural Networks. Imitating the infinitely-complex array of interconnected neurons found in the human brain, neural networks can derive new meanings from this data
  • Deep Learning. Powered by massive neural networks, deep learning is invaluable in improving image and speech recognition
  • Cognitive Computing. This focuses on creating natural, intuitive interactions between computers and humans

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