AI and Ecommerce: Breaking the Language Barrier

AI and Ecommerce: Breaking the Language Barrier

The internet has helped to break down barriers to global trade, making cross-border commerce easier and easier. One of the final barriers, that of language, is being further broken down by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The new smart technology will soon make language difference irrelevant online, creating exciting opportunities for ecommerce companies as more and more potential customers hit the market.

If a buyer and seller can't understand one another exactly, it can damage their confidence to close a deal. Economists from Washington University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studied eBay sales data from before and after AI translation technology was implemented and found that, when translations improved, sales rose by almost 11%.

As with many new technologies, the idea of machine translation is nothing new. AI, however, works by using hundreds of dictionaries to translate one language to another before linking sentence structures. It is capable of distinguishing between different dialects, accents and semantics, leading to a properly nuanced, extremely accurate translation. Best of all, machine learning allows the technology to improve over time.

The new AI translation technology will open up wider potential markets to ecommerce companies but will also increase consumer expectation as more companies compete for the same customers. This means that standards for online content will go up and you need a web development company that can make sure you rise to the challenge. Welcome to Brick Technology.

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