5G: How Prepared is YOUR Business?

5G: How Prepared is YOUR Business?

The UK-wide rollout of 5G was begun by EE in May this year, followed by Vodafone this month. Mobile network Three are about to switch on their 5G technology and O2 will start the same process by the end of September. By the end of the year, most or all of the major networks will be offering 5G to their customers.

5G promises incredible speeds that will outperform even wired connections. Networks will be able to stream 8K video direct to mobile devices and will allow users to download HD movies in just a few seconds. Streaming will be smoother, buffering won't exist and latency will be reduced to almost nothing.

5G represents the fifth generation of mobile technology. The first generation, analogue mobiles, was followed by digital: 3G and 4G allowed mobile data to be transferred at ever-increasing rates. 5G will ramp up this speed even higher but this isn't the only benefit.

One of the most important developments that 5G will bring is a massive boost in capacity. As the number of people wanting to use mobile devices online increases, as well as the number of mobile devices themselves, reliability of connection becomes more important and 5G is intended to meet this growing demand.

It's clear that 5G is set to usher in a new age of mobile internet and that means ecommerce companies MUST be prepared. A constantly growing number of potential customers will be matched by growing competition online and so YOUR online presence needs to be world-class. That's where Brick Technology comes into the picture.

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