25 Years Old... Happy Birthday Internet!

25 Years Old... Happy Birthday Internet!

On 6th August 2017, the internet celebrated reaching the grand old age of 25. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine life without the world wide web but a quick look at the numbers may help! Here’s a look at the vital statistics, brought to you by Brick, the world-class UK Web Development Company.

  • Best estimates suggest that around 2.5billion people worldwide access the internet

  • Less than 10% of UK homes had internet access in 1998, compared with a massive 83% in 2013

  • Every day, around 36 million adults go online; this is 20 million more than 8 years previously

  • Almost half (49%) of UK residents booked a holiday online last year, according to official statistics from ABTA: 9 out of 10 of these people also used the internet to carry out holiday-related research, such as hotel reviews, currency checkers and maps/tourist guides

  • Facebook came along in 2004 and now records more than 1.3 billion daily logins. More than 33% of all Britons check Facebook at least once a day

  • Internet shopping has been and continues to be one of the biggest growth areas online. Shoppers spent a mere £800 million shopping online in 2000; last year the total was more than £91 billion and next year is predicted to be over £105 billion

  • Around half of UK adults use the internet to carry out banking transactions; among adults 25-34 years of age, that figure leaps to 76%

  • Twitter is another major online force, with 58 million tweets on average sent per day. This equates to a mind-boggling 9,100 tweets per second

Understanding and responding to the ever-changing internet is a delicate business and the speed with which it changes leaves no room for error. In such a populous environment, the need to stand out is self-evident and the crowded, jostling marketplace grows larger every day.

Brick UK Web Development Company offer you the ability to rise above the rest, cooly and effortlessly. Our websites represent the most contemporary online experience, with form and function both given equal weight in the design process.

We invite you to join us at the cutting-edge of the online world, where our clients can lead  rather than follow, creating tomorrow’s internet right here and now. Contact us today.

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