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Who should be involved?

Due to its widespread nature, e-commerce impacts upon almost every function within a business. Externally, a variety of suppliers will also need to be involved within an e-commerce project.

The range of specialist skills required will be dependent upon the scale and complexity of the proposed e-commerce system. However, these skills are likely to include experience of:

  • servers - Microsoft, Sun, Linux etc
  • firewalls and security
  • graphic design and production
  • HTML and XML coding
  • programming languages
  • database technologies

The interested parties within a business include:

  • board-level management
  • purchasing
  • inventory management
  • manufacturing
  • service provision
  • direct sales
  • sales channel management
  • fulfilment
  • post-sales support
  • marketing and PR
  • accounting
  • training
  • legal

External parties with a potential involvement in an e-commerce project include:

  • existing hardware and software suppliers
  • specialist Internet hardware and software suppliers
  • programmers, web designers and consultants used on an "as required" basis
  • ISPs
  • domain name registrar
  • telec­om­mu­nica­tion providers
  • major suppliers
  • major customers
  • advertising/­marketing design agencies
  • specialist business media
  • accountants/­auditors
  • solicitors
  • training companies