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Which web development company? Ask the Fab Four!

Which web development company? Ask the Fab Four!

You’ve got the business sense, the idea, the drive and the potential - all you’re lacking is the technical skill and invaluable experience required to get your name noticed in the busy, crowded and competitive marketplace of e-commerce websites online. The number of web design company and web development companies out there is large and choosing the right one to invest and collaborate with isn’t the easiest decision. So what are the top four things you should be looking for in a web development company? Find out here…

A Populous Portfolio

Experience combined with open-mindedness and a dedication to providing bespoke services cannot be valued highly enough. A successful, well-established web development company will be able to boast a large and extremely-diversified client base, from small, independent startups to major inter­national traders and manuf­ac­turers. Browsing through the portfolio should show both the unique indi­vidu­ality of each website and the running themes that create the web development company’s signature.

Loading without Lagging

E-commerce websites must load fast; it’s as simple as that. Attention-spans continue their downward slide and, according to figures from a Kissmetrics study, websites that take longer than just four seconds to load could lose up to a full quarter of visitors before they even see your logo. Try a speedtest, available easily online, on some of the web developer’s sites.

Functi­onality with Form

A good web development company will not value style over substance or, indeed, the reverse. A website’s visual impact is what visitor’s first experience and, once their eyes are satisfied, functi­onality starts to increase in importance. Try out some of the sites in your chosen web developer’s portfolio - click on anything you can, fill in forms, perhaps even make a small purchase to discover for yourself how efficient and secure (or not!) the experience is. Be critical about navigation, search facilities, basket management - leave no stone unturned.

Access for All

Web acces­sibility is increasingly coming under the spotlight, with more than 40 lawsuits filed against companies in the USA last year under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Check out the ways in which web development companies respond to this by testing out websites in their portfolio and making direct contact to discuss unique requ­ire­ments.

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