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A Little SEO

A Little SEO

It doesn’t matter how good the instruments that you have are if you can’t or don’t analyse the data they give you. Whether you are measuring anything from radiation to rugs or from zoo visitors to website visitors, you have to keep a sharp eye on the numbers and/or the words to make sure that you everything is accurate and to tweak where necessary.

When you are part of the Brick family, we not only provide you with the best instruments, we read the results for you, then with you until you can finally read, understand and manipulate them successfully for yourself.

When it comes to a website, there are a thousand things that need measuring but you can relax and let us worry about the niggly stuff. What you want to know is how many people are visiting your site, where they are coming from, what they are doing there and, ultimately, if that converts into a purchase and profit for you. Can you get all of these tools in one powerful, easy to use and easy to understand kit? Of course you can. You're with Brick now.

brickSEO is a multi-layered, efficient and custom-designed tool that allows you to understand your customers at every level, from the most basic to the most complex website visitor behaviours. The information you need is there at a single glance to improve your efficiency across the board and, when you have the time, you can explore deep into the very heart of your Brick website, using the information found there to assist with in-depth analysis.

So, how can you find out if brickSEO would benefit YOU? It’s as simple as typing the name of your website and giving us your email (no spam, ever, we promise). Once you have done that, our sop­his­tica­ted computer wizardry will make a full SEO analysis and audit of your website, sending the complete, uncensored information to you immediately - website audits generally arrive pretty much instantly. Tempus fugit!

Your website audit is absolutely free – have one on the house from Brick Web Development Company. How you choose to use and interpret the information is up to you. Click HERE to get your personalised audit.